We have implemented some management changes to this vast piece of property that differs from what was being managed in the past, so we can have good quality
animals. We want to above all else, protect and grow great deer.

Management has decided to implement a kill fee associated with the hunt that will discourage a hunter from shooting a lesser buck, which might turn into a big buck in coming years. We don’t want a client pulling the trigger on a 180-class buck just because it’s the last day of the
hunt and it only costs a minimal fee to do so. Providing protection for these animals & supplementing them with feed and minerals is a necessity during the hot summer months on our ranch.

Maintaining hunter numbers is important so we all might get a chance to see, or better yet, get a shot at a great buck. Even if we didn’t have a single buck killed by a hunter, the hot Sonoran Desert claims the majority of the old and the sick, quickly and without any regard of how big a rack the animal has.

We have 350,000 acres of mule deer properties, and we are the only outfitter that maintains our mule deer kill ratio vs acreage, this is the best hunt in Sonora. Other outfitters overkill small acreages, and destroy quaility mule deer and we do not.

A big problem in Mexico involves outfitters over-killing their mule deer. We love our property and we would rather provide a quality mule deer hunt.

El Rancho del Gringo 2013 Brochure

Huge Mule Deer from the Air Sonora Nov 17 2014 from Judd Ball on Vimeo.

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